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Four Parks

Resorts - Disney's Yacht and Beach Club Resorts Part Two

Posted by maleficentgrrl on 2006.11.07 at 08:44
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Part Two

Beach Club
(it’s the building that is blue)

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From the clubs to a more sophistcated Disney..
Tomorrow, we tour The Swan & The Dolphin Resorts

Keep touring!!


Everything Else in The World - Down Town Disney

Posted by maleficentgrrl on 2006.10.23 at 12:34
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I want to thank everyone for commenting on the last post. There was some confusion however on how to comment. I urge everyone to get to know your journal. It could be useful later on. You can post pics and share them with everyone when we get back. Post about your trip and keep it for years to come, so that when you want to look back, you'll always have it. As long as there is internet, your posts will always be here!
So, don't be afraid of the LJ, get to know it, play with it. It is alot of fun!

On with the show!

Welcome to DownTown Disney - Quick info before we delve:

3/17/06: Big changes have begun at Downtown Disney.

The refurbishment of the West End Stage and the Hub Stage at Pleasure Island starts March 20, 2006, and will continue through much of the remainder of the year. Other merchandise location changes at Pleasure Island include:

-- Superstar Studios closed March 3, 2006
-- Missing Link Sausage Company -- to close March 19, 2006
-- DTV -- to close March 19.
-- Zen Zone -- to close March 19.
-- Reel Finds -- will close April 1.
-- Changing Attitudes -- will close April 1.
-- Orlando Harley-Davidson -- to close March 19, but will relocate to the former home of Reel Finds and Changing Attitudes.

Downtown Disney is a 120-acre entertainment, dining, and shopping complex at the WDW resort made up of three distinct sections: The Marketplace, Pleasure Island and the West Side. A Disney shoppers' paradise, Downtown Disney features such diverse shops as World of Disney, Lego Imagination Center, the Art of Disney, and the enormous Virgin Records. Unique entertainment is also available at Cirque du Soleil, Disney Quest and the nighttime hot spot, Pleasure Island.

There is no admission fee for the MarketPlace and West Side areas of Downtown Disney, but Pleasure Island does require paid admission when it opens at 7 p.m.

Resort Guests can get to the Downtown Disney by taking Disney Transportation:

Disney World Bus: From any Disney resort, take the bus marked Downtown Disney. From Fort Wilderness, the Downtown Disney bus operates from the Outpost Depot. There is no direct bus transportation serving Downtown Disney from any theme park or from the Transportation and Ticket Center. Check at your resort to see what time the bus for Downtown Disney operates!

There are 2 bus stops once you arrive at Downtown Disney; one in Pleasure Island, and the Marketplace. During the afternoon, don't be surprised if your bus stops at other locations also, such as Typhoon Lagoon.

The last bus time is advertised as 2 a.m., but the buses will run until one hour after Pleasure Island closes to accommodate everyone leaving.

* By Boat: If you're at Old Key West, you have the option of taking the boat to the Pleasure Island/Marketplace area. (Be sure to check times of the last boat back to your hotel, sometimes these end early.)

* On Foot: Only the resorts in the Disney Village area (and Saratoga Springs once it opens in May 2004) are close enough for a reasonable walk.

* By Cab: Valet or Bell Services at any Disney hotel will be glad to call a cab for you. At the Swan and Dolphin, Valet Services will have a Mears car take you to Downtown Disney for $14 + gratuity.

* By Car: Pleasure Island is located on Buena Vista Drive, not far from I-4. From the Magic Kingdom Resorts: Follow World Drive south to Epcot Center Dr. Heading east on Epcot Center drive, follow it to Buena Vista Drive and head east. You'll pass Typhoon Lagoon and the Pleasure Island will be on the left. From the Epcot Resorts: Exit your resort onto Buena Vista Drive and head east.

(Individual shop and restaurant operating hours may vary.)


Shops open 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Sunday - Thursday
Shops open 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Friday - Saturday
Restaurants open daily 9 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Once known as the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village, Downtown Disney's Marketplace is a full size outdoor shopping and dining experience. Over 20 venues comprise the Marketplace with everything from the Rainforest Cafe to the ultimate Disney merchandise store, World of Disney. The Dock Stage, across from World of Disney, occasionally has live entertainment.

Kids love the Magical Water Fountain near Once Upon a Toy. There is also a smaller play fountain near Disney's Days of Christmas. It's a great place to cool off in the heat. Be sure and bring a towel or change of clothes.

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Restaraunt Menus
Under the cutola
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Thats it for DTD Marketplace
I'd like to thank www.allears.net for much of the information provided here.

Stay tuned for our next stop - Pleasure Island & Downtown Disney West Side

Heave ho..



Posted by meglilocindy on 2006.09.25 at 19:56
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Hi Can't wait for our DISNEY GIRLS TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Lilo